eSOMgears Health

Monitor your Device Health Remotely.

With eSOMgears Health Monitor you can monitor the health properties (including your custom properties) of your devices remotely and get reports and data visualizations that can be customized to your needs.

Health Monitor Features

Monitor Devices

  • Identify the device status with default parameters or custom parameters set by the user.
  • The user can configure their own custom parameter along with the device paramaters.
Diagnostics Built-in

  • Uses live/Historical data CPU usage, temperature and many more device parameters to understand the device performance in the field.
  • From the collected data, identifies usage patterns and diagnoses the devices.
Routine Maintainance

  • In the world of embedded device,most crucial part is device life.
  • With the Management server user can configure the action items for the device when maximum and minumum device parameter falls or cross the minimum or maximum range respectively.
Preventive Actions

  • Get complete control over your devices.
  • Get benefited from getting the live state of the device analytics to take required actions.
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