eSOMgears OTA

Versatile Firmware Upgrade Solution

With eSOMgears OTA you can manage your firmware with our cloud front-end or your own using our rest api's.

OTA Features

Linux & Android

  • Both Linux and Android firmware management in one place.
  • Device can be switched to any version provided by the management server.
Concurrent Updates

  • eSOMgears server is capable of delivering updates concurrently to 500+ devices effortlessly.
  • For more concurrent device upgrade support contact us.
Fleet Management

  • Devices are uniquely identified by their ID and user-defined names.
  • All the device status can be viewed in the management server.
Atomic Updates

  • eSOMgears SDK helps you to upgrade the firmware with eventual consistency.
  • A power failure during the upgrade will roll back to the last running version.
  • Your device will either run in the upgraded version or roll back to last running version.
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